Why Choose Us

Fast & professional Service
We provide the quickest and Best services around town
The Best Tiers Specialist
When an know the unknown about tiers
Good customer service
If you get it fix once. You will find the difference in quality.
Best quality product
Our new part are from genuine European & German manufacturers

Tyre specialist

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing helps to ensure that the weight

Correct Inflation

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure will help to

Looking After Your Tyres

Maintaining correct tyre pressures

Car Repair Services

Overall Repairs

We provide complete service for Exhaust-System – Electric – Oil & Oil Filter -Timing belt

Car Diagnostics

With the latest diagnostic testing equipment at our disposal, we are able to use this technology to identify and solve problems, without having to waste time searching for clues.

Vehicle Raised Service Checks

We provide services related to Oil, filter and fit new sump plug washer.fuel lines and brake pipes & much more.

We have Parts:

New Parts

All our new parts are sourced from reputable manufacturers in Europe and around the world

Second Hand Parts

With more and more people choosing to buy used car parts. Tough financial times have had an impact on every industry, and car owners have definitely felt the pinch.

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