Tyre Specialist

At Chelsea Autos we do it differently:

We help you select the right tyres, we clean your wheels and fully inspect them before we fit the new tyres. A dirty wheel affects the wheel balance.

We make sure your wheels are all set-up and aligned correctly.

Tyres to suit your needs and budget

Our tyres come in a wide range of options from run flat tyres to reinforced models designed to cope with extra loads and at a price to suit your pocket.

What do I need to take with me?

Please make sure you bring your locking wheel nut key along for your appointment. If you have locking wheel nuts fitted, we will need the key in order to remove the wheels from your car. The locking wheel nuts can usually be found in the glove box or underneath the boot liner along with the spare tyre.

Tyre Information Hub

At Chelsea Autos, we understand that when you have a problem with a tyre you want a quality service, expert advice, value for money.We believe that motorists should get in to a habit of checking all four tyres every two weeks for correct tyre pressure, tread wear and general condition; and if you have one, don’t forget to check the spare tyre too.